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Was a level 25 HORDE guild on Vek'nilash (EU)

Daramulumá is on an extended WoW break and Rutå has left the guild as Bobthetauren has hijacked the guild leadership and devlivered a cesspool "invite all" guild that has low expectations: hoping to raid FLEX eventually.

Hopefully, we'll be back in WoD, but we might need a new name.
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Guild Hijacked during hibernation

by themainliner, 356 days ago

Infamy exists now in name only. Bobthetauren should've renamed his stolen guild when Blizzard turned the leadership over to him.

Bobthetauren has hijacked the leadership and demoted the old officers.

The Guild Master of Infamy Daramulumá will hopefully be back for Warlords of Draenor and can deliver a decent social raiding guild rather than a cesspool guild that spams recruitment whispers at all level 1's in the starting zones and accepts all requests for invite.

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